BELAC 17025 calibration in our lab

Thermibel has been manufacturing temperature sensors since 1981 and has acquired recognised know-how in this domain. Numerous quality references require manufacturers and laboratories to have measuring and testing equipment validated. Thermibel will help you fulfil these requirements. Our BELAC temperature accredited laboratory can perform these calibrations in the laboratory or on site. This accreditation, obtained in 1996, is recognition of the competence of the personnel, means and methods implemented. Our on-site calibration is also performed in full compliance with aeronautical standard AMS2750. Our laboratory services:
Calibration of temperature sensors by comparison from - 100 à +1300 °C
Calibration of temperature indicators and simulators by electric simulation.
Fixed point calibration (better levels of uncertainty): Triple point H2O, Ga, Zn, Al, Ag, Au

Fixed points :

Thermibel has cells for the following types of calibration:

  • Three point water calibration (H2O 0.01 °C), gallium melting point (Ga +29.7646 °C): Sensors concerned: minimum length, standard platinum resistance
    sensors: 400mm, diameter: <7mm
  • at the freezing point of zinc (Zn +419.527°C), at the freezing point of aluminium (Al +660.323°C), at the freezing point of silver (Ag +961.78°C), at the freezing
    point of gold (Au +1064.18°C): Sensors concerned: thermocouples made from rhodiumed platinum / platinum, minimum length: 1,500 mm, mandatory
    access to the thermocouple weld.

Comparison :

The sensor and standard are placed in a bath or oven at the desired temperatures. The temperature domain ranges from -80°C to +1,300°C. Sensors concerned:
any type of thermocouples (precious and base metals), 2/3 or 4-wire platinum resistance sensors, temperature measuring chains with temperature
measurement indication.

Electrical Simulation :

The temperature indicator is calibrated by comparison with a standard generator. The temperature simulator is calibrated by comparison with a standard
multimeter. Instruments concerned: temperature indicator and simulator..

Delivered documentation :

Thermibel issues a BELAC calibration certificate that compulsorily states: the method of calibration, a table of results including uncertainties related with the
means of calibration, environmental conditions (temperature and hygrometry).

Our other prestations

Conversions Temperature - Electromotive force

Input a value in one of the field below to convert it in the other unity :
Standard CEI584-2, DIN EN 60584.1, BS EN 60584.1, ANSI/MC96.1, JISC 1602

Type :
Temperature :  °C
Electromotive force : mV
Sensitivity mV/°C
Temperature :  °F
Temperature : K
Tolerance Cl. 1 ±°C
Tolerance Cl. 2 ±°C
Tolerance Cl. 3 ±°C

Conversions Temperature - Resistance

Input a value in one of the field below to convert it in the other unity :

Temperature :  °C
Resistance : Ohm
Sensitivity Ohm/°C
Temperature :  °F
Temperature : K
Tolerance Cl. AA ±°C
Tolerance Cl. A ±°C
Tolerance Cl. B ±°C
Tolerance Cl. C ±°C


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