Other prestations

Other BELAC non accredited services can be carried out in the laboratory by our accredited technicians in accordance with ISO 17025 quality standard:

  • Calibration in a climatic condition reproducer compared with a standard. The instruments concerned are: humidity indicator, thermo-humidity indicators, 
    thermohygrographs and humidity transmitters.
  • Pressure gauge calibration
  • On-site calibration

Our technicians visit your site to calibrate the temperature and pressure sensors and also simulate the complete chain of your manufacturing process.

Caracterisation et verification d’enceintes

Our technicians perform characterisations of your thermostatic chambers (temperature) or climatic chambers (temperature and hygrometry). This 
characterisation ensures that your means are appropriate for your requirements. This service is provided by measuring the parameters by placing sensors in 
your installation (temperature, hygrometry, anemometry, pressure, etc.). Different references can be applied: NFX 15-140, AMS 2750D, FDV 08-601, NF EN 60068, 
L06-450. The services provided in this regard are:

  • Calibration of the probe associated with the chamber regulator.
  • Measurement of temperature increase time and hygrometry.
  • The measurement of the accuracy, stability and homogeneity of the chamber at different temperature and hygrometry set points.

The number of calibrated sensors put in place is proportional to the useful volume of the chamber.


Formations à la métrologie :

Our laboratory technicians’ offer their experience and qualifications in the form of metrology training courses. These theoretical and practical courses deal 
specifically with the calibration of temperature sensors, the calculation of process measurement inaccuracy and climatic condition reproducer characterisation. 
The courses are tailored to suit your requirements.

Calculs de vibration selon la norme PTC 19.3 TW-2010

When a thermowell is immersed in a fluid, the resulting eddies generate a vibration frequency which, if is close to the natural frequency of the thermowell, may 
make the latter resonate and in time cause its destruction.
A performance test criterion exists and is described by ASME PTC 19.3 (2010). The Thermibel laboratory has developed software for calculating the frequency and 
compliance or otherwise of the thermowell in accordance with your conditions of use.

Etalonnage de pyromètres optiques

Thermibel offers a calibration service for contact free infrared temperature measuring devices or optical pyrometers. The temperature domain ranges 
from +40°C to +400°C. This calibration will make it possible to verify the functionality of the pyrometer and a verification certificate can be issued for this 
calibrated pyrometer if the Maximum Permissible Errors are defined.

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