Series SC Sheath Pt 100 temperature probe with cable

Sensing element

Pt100 single or duplex
with tolerance class B, A or AA according to IEC 60751 (EN 60751)

Temperature range

-200 to + 600 °C

External sheath

AISI 316L seamless semi-flexible sheath with mineral oxide filling.
Can be bended with a radius equal to 3 times the sheath diameter.
Totally watertight
Diameter: 6 mm by default, 4,5 and 3 mm available on request.
Length: standard 300 mm, any other length on request.
Can be made in very large lengths.

Process connection

Sliding connector in option.


Standard Teflon-silicone cable, other insulation materials available on request (see instrumentation cable catalogue for more details).
Cable length: 3 meters, other lengths are also available in option.


1 x 3-wire connection (1 x 4, 2 x 2, 2 x 3-wire connection available on request, depending on the sheath diameter)


General purpose probe for high temperature measurement or when high mechanical resistance is required.
Long reach probes
Immersed watertight probes


Sliding Connector
Ex Design atex 
Thicker tip to suit machine wells

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