Sheathed thermocouple with LEMO® connector

Sensing element

Thermocouple type K, N, J, T, E. Tolerance class 1 according to IEC 584 (EN 60584)

Temperature range

"-200 to +1150 °C, depending on thermocouple type,
sheath diameter, and length"

External sheath

AISI 316L or Inconel 600 (other material available on request) seamless semi-flexible sheath with mineral oxide filling.
Can be manufactured in very long lengths (virtually unlimited).
Can be bended with a radius equal to 3 times the sheath diameter.
Totally watertight.


3 mm by default: 6 - 4,5 - 2 - 1,5 and 1 mm


300 mm by default, other lengths on request, up to several tens of meters.
Hint: make sure that the thermocouple sheath is long enough to prevent connector insulation material from melting.

Process connection

Sliding connector available in option."

LEMO® Connector

LEMO® series S size 1 male (FFA) is the most common connector for sheath thermocouple Ø 3 mm and smaller.
We can also accommodate female connectors, other sizes and other number of contacts.
We can also make extension cables with mating connectors.


2-wire (single) or 4-wire (double thermocouple)


The most versatile model of thermocouple:
Insertion probe, long reach high temperature sensor,
Laboratory vessels, heating plates,
Difficult installations with curves, bends or loops,
Ovens, incubators,
Temporary measuring device for plant efficiency assessment.


"Sliding connector.
Contact us for availability : they are not available for all diameters or threads.
Ex Design "

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